This is me- Elise, the Owl. Fabric lover, maker of all the things, wife to a wonderful man, and mama to a sweet fluffy kitty! Currently pursuing my dreams one fabric stash at a time.

I've always said, "I want to make things", and when the world is your oyster that makes for a tremendous sea of options. I didn't really know what this meant until I understood that I was a maker, and that I was part of an amazing community of fabulously driven creative people, who can't help but find an outlet for that creativity by designing, painting, sculpting- just making amazing things.

OwlMade was born out of passion for ‘making things’ and wanting to make them not just beautiful, but purposeful. I have gotten my hands dirty (and sparkly) in many creative mediums: paint, clay, cement, wood, metal, jewelry, screen printing, candle making, upcycling, reupholstering, interior design, graphic design, personal shopping (that counts right!?), and one day I aim to add glass blowing to that list.

In this sea of creative opportunities, I found myself right at home behind a sewing machine. I am obsessed with the whole designing process- I get absorbed in it. From the original idea spark, to choosing the materials, cutting the fabric, seeing it all come together, holding the finished product, and finally sending it off to its forever home. Each bag is made with an abundance of thought and care. I'm constantly assessing the materials I use for improvements; this could be finding an organic fabric that is more conscientiously made, or finding zippers that close quietly (bet you never thought about the sound level of a zipper until now!).

OwlMade designs are meant to be timeless but also to represent your current mood, because even though trends ebb and flow, some of them are so fun while they last- and life is meant to be lived to its fullest. Add a pop of lovely to yours!

photo credit: Chris Isham Photography